Executive Assistant

Lynne’s imagination and warm heart makes her approach to herding creatives a unique talent. We believe this amazing superpower may come from her past experience of wrangling her 3 children at home. When she’s not bringing a calm order to the chaotic pace at Tricycle, she’s designi...

Don Hughes
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Book-keeper / HR You’ll see her coming a mile away because of her megawatt smile and boundless enthusiasm. When she’s not spreading the love in the office and gently reminding creatives to fill out their time sheets, she’s at home whipping up some spaghetti for her daughter while watching an episode...
Don Hughes
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Developer & IT Specialist

When he isn't busy writing code to use with the hottest gadgets, he's playing with them. A child of the 80s, he has always been fascinated by computers. Obsessed with sci-fi and computers these days, anything with a circuit board sparks his imagination. He'll give you an...

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Possibilities Engineer

The prism among us, Amanda ensures our clients' creative needs are reflected in the best light. With her strategic vision, she can take a mere marketing idea and turn it into a delight-invoking reality. With a passion for experiencing all that life has to offer, she loves art, ...

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Professional Dreamer

Randy has been creating media that motivates for over 20 years. An interactive pioneer, he produced his first interactive project way back in 1989 for Hardees using laser disk technology.
  • Wants to change the world
  • Practices yoga
  • Certified hypnotherapist
  • Loves Japanese pop culture
  • Cr...
Don Hughes
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