A New Brand Manifesto

Don Hughes
01/21/2017 07:57 PM Comment(s)
IMG_1227 A brand is what allows us to emotionally connect with a company.  It's is not a logo nor a promise nor a message. It is personal. It is forged through experience. Branding have moved from exposure to experience. If you have any doubt about this, ask yourself this question: which has a stronger impact on your emotional connection to a company: a) a 30 second, million dollar Super Bowl commercial b) 30 second conversation with your internet provider's customer service rep? Brands today are built one human interaction at a time, and these emotional impressions aggregate up into thousands and millions to create a brand identity. It is here, at the human level, that we focus to create the most powerful brand experiences that move people to action. We understand that brand is not created by very clever people in the boardrooms of agencies, but rather the seeds of brand are sown in the hearts of people through their interactions with the company at all levels at in many ways. The most valuable and intimate of these interactions is a sale; that instant when one person chooses to give up their gold for the value another has to offer. We are an agency built for sales because that is what really matters.