Our client wanted a training program for their Puerto Rico sales meeting that would attract and hold the reps’ attention and reinforce how to communicate with clients to dispel the confusion about the array of products and their uses.


Surprise them. We developed an unexpected, Disneyesque experience. Activity-based learning methodology plus our background in motivating sales forces through immersive experiences allowed us to create something that was unique, meaningful and memorable.

Inside the venue, Tricycle created Confusion Island with a tropical maze entry, lights, sound, fog, role-playing and a video, using sensory modalities to reinforce learning objectives. This also set the stage for the team-based games outside the venue.


When the sales reps entered the tent, they became curious and engaged participants who willingly took part in the activities. The leaders became actors and led by example through immersing themselves in characters so that the reps could get into the mind-sets of their customers. We got their attention, which increased their comprehension of the material presented and their subsequent retention of that material. Response was very positive.