Our sister company, Molecular Media makes your conference or event truly unique and ensures each audience member is “feeling” your message from the moment they enter the venue.  Tricycle's shared leadership with Molecular provides a "single throat to choke" for all your conference and event needs from strategy, planning, creative, branding, pre-event, audio/visual gear and post event activities.

Creative Design, Production Technology and Implementation, Message Content and Program Coordination are at the heart of our combined core competencies.  Each of these services is available independently of one another for any given meeting, trade show or production.  When integrated, this wide range of services provides the continuity needed for essential program management, and the audible, visible, and experiential stimuli to drive your message.

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Suite of services include:

EFP/ENG Crews 

ARS Interactive Systems


Video Creation 


LED Wall Engineering and Installation

Lighting Packages


Technical Direction 

Audio Systems and Support 

Stage and Set Design

Event Branding

Production Management 

Venue Search/Selection

Venue Management 

Technical Staffing 

Rental Equipment