We are proud of the work we do with our clients.  

Our client wanted a training program for their Puerto Rico sales meeting that would attract and hold the reps’ attention and reinforce how to communicate with clients to dispel the confusion about the array of products and their uses.

A client's reps were relying on paper sales materials that were too long and too dense. It was an unwieldy way to share – and grasp – the information.

Competitors took our client's own research and evidence-based claims about infection prevention and used them to promote their own products.

As this liquid bonding agent expanded into new specialties, physicians didn’t realize how many uses it had. Because surgeons are only interested in how the product works and the clinical results, we didn’t want to inundate them with data and brand messaging.

Our client had just acquired the license to sell this regenerative tissue matrix, and the sales reps were still learning how it was used. Our extensive knowledge and experience in this field enabled us to come to the project with base-clinical understanding.