Our experienced team provides data-driven, packaged products and custom-developed solutions proven to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Human Interface Platform (hi™)

Our proprietary mobile app delivers interactive sales experiences, optimized C-suite presentations and measurable training and education capabilities.

hi™ - Clinical Compendium

Built exclusively on the hi Platform, the clinical compendium allows clients to store, search, view and even distribute clinical evidence online or disconnected mobile device.  The admin portal allows our clients to 

self-serve their clinical evidence libraries and improve search results with tags based on product, title,  author, evidence level.  For required items, signature capture for distribution is enforced for distribution.

hi™ - Sales Enablement

Curate interactive rich media content on-demand including case studies, economics, clinical evidence and use, science, etc. Leverage real-time data capture for instant financial models, forecasts, and orders.

hi™ - Media Library

Media storage and retrieval for marketing collateral, videos, presentations, and forms.

InsightsOutward Member Loyalty 

Compiles a data-driven, 360-degree view of your most valuable customers and drives their individual experiences according to a massively customizable set of work flows.