Tricycle Technology offers its InsightsOutward platform solution to clients, and delivers continuous innovation through its product roadmap, building upon the comprehensive suite of campaign, currency, content, dashboard and monitoring capabilities serving our clients entire customer and prospect database. 

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You’re thinking about marketing to and growing your prospect and customer database.  You’re thinking about your marketing spend and the cost and ROI of all of your campaigns which drive impressions and prospects and leads and customers and loyal customers.  You’re thinking about your loyalty and rewards programs, and the value propositions offer in market to compete.  You’re thinking about the money you spend (on discounts or coupons or loyalty points or stored value or through whatever currencies you mint) to cultivate and grow your client base.  You’re thinking about each of the audiences you serve along your company’s customer lifecycle, and how best to tailor campaigns, and currency and content to them to engage them in meaningful and measurable ways.   And you’re thinking about you can best monitor and measure potential threats to, as well as all the opportunities from, your customer base over time.  You’re wondering how you will glean insights from the real time activity in your database, and create campaigns which allow you to test and learn and test again, to have the power to be proactive and improve the metrics which matter to your business?

The team at Tricycle Marketing is excited to address these questions with you, and more broadly discuss in the coming months how adopters of our latest generation platform and agency model have answered those questions and used the InsightsOutward platform to enable their CRM, Loyalty and Rewards, and Customer Experience initiatives. 


Our platform was born and built from the design requirements and learnings from over 100 implementations of Loyalty and Reward, CRM and Customer Experience solutions, working with brands from around the globe in the Retail, Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Medical and Medical Device, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Dining, Travel and Hospitality industries. 


We believe, like our clients, you will be excited to discover something new in this space, learn why it’s disruptive by every one of your measures, and smile that it’s something you can implement, now.